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Mar 12, 2020

Clinic Update: Covid 19 restrictions in Ireland, 12/03/20

With the new restrictions in place as of today, I want to reassure my clients, both existing and new that I will remain in my clinical practice to continue to offer Herbal and Nutritional support to those who may want my services.

I may change the way in which I operate with certain people and move to phone or skype consultations to minimise contact with those who may be infected with the virus, either with an active infection or if someone has had direct contact with it.

You can send me a message here, what's app, email or text and I will arrange the best channel for us to work together. Herbs can be posted once a consultation has taken place. If you are already a client, you can order herbs as usual.

A consultation will mean you get the most appropriate blend for your constitution and we are obliged by law to undertake consultation before we dispense any herbal medicine formulas to patients.

There are different protocols for prevention and for support during an illness so again, best to get qualified advice on this.

If you have any questions about booking a consultation, please get in touch and I will respond at my earliest convenience.

Interesting times we are in!

Warmest regards,