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What to do with this FLU?!

If you are already infected with the virus, you will have to listen to your body and rest, hydrate and sleep. Be conscious of hygiene.  There are great herbs that can help cut the duration of the flu and speed recovery.  I formulate blends to suit the individual depending on the stage they are at and any symptoms they are experiencing.  Herbs like Boneset, Elder, Yarrow, Peppermint, Cinnamon, Cayenne, Eyebright, Usnea, Echinacea, Propolis, Olive leaf and more!!have many actions including antiviral, antimicrobial, diaphoretic and circulatory stimulating.  This is the way in which they inhibit the replication of the virus thereby reducing the duration of the flu. Sore throats can be soothed with herbal sprays that deliver the herbs topically to the area and are very convenient. I find they are also good to use as a prevention if you are surrounded by people who may be sick.

Herbal teas are excellent at this stage when appetite is low and the need for hydration is essential. Tea and coffee are dehydrating so choose a homemade lemon, ginger and honey tea, peppermint, yarrow, chamomile and licorice.   Light broths, soups and stews will be easily assimilated and are a great way to include minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients to support the immune system.

So, if you are beginning to see the light and are on the mend, you may still be experiencing the post viral fatigue.  For some, this can last a long time and it is worth taking appropriate herbs at this stage to boost immunity and give the body support to bounce back. These herbs will support the white blood cells, lung function and adrenal glands, they include Astragalus, Eleuthero, Uncaria, Ganoderma, Inula, and others depending on the person.

Vitamin C, A, D, and Zinc are essential in the prevention and recovery period. I use Eucalyptus, Tea tree and Ravensara essential oils in a diffuser and on pulse points to protect from infection.

A short consultation will help devise the most appropriate herbs for your stage of illness.  Contact Colleen at Herbal Healthcare Clinic, Body and Mind, Rosbeg, Westport. Phone, text or email to book; 087 9942291,