Welcome to Herbal Health Care

Welcome to herbal health care

Herbal Healthcare is located in The Body and Mind Health Centre, Rosbeg, Westport, Co. Mayo. Ireland. Colleen gives consultations here on an appointment basis. She also runs short courses from the clinic several times in the year, in Herbal Medicine, Remedy making, Nutrition and Healthy Cleansing. Food intolerance and other diagnostic lab testing can be facilitated when required. Colleen can also be booked as a speaker or facilitator for events and workshops.

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Conditions that can be supported with Herbs and Nutrition:

  • Skin Problems
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Thyroid & Adrenal Health
  • Impaired Digestion
  • Fertility, Menopause, PMS
  • Fatigue, Low Energy
  • Respiratory Ailments
  • Coughs, Colds, Flus
  • Stress and the Nervous System
  • Lowered Immune System
  • Blood Sugar Balance
  • Cardiovascular Issues
  • Cholesterol, Homocysteine
  • Blood Pressure
  • Inflammatory Diseases
  • Cancer Support

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Upcoming Events

7-Day Cleanse

This has been designed to help the body’s channels of elimination, while giving the digestive system a retreat from the usual daily toxins from food metabolism.

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Courses & Events

Hedgerow to Kitchen Medicine

Colleen runs a regular course called Hedgerow to Kitchen Medicine. 
This can be spread over 4 weeks (evenings) or taken as a full day, depending on the schedule.

On this course we explore how to use common hedgerow herbs for home use, how to make simple remedies and natural cosmetics, and how to prepare naturopathic balanced food.

Comprehensive course notes are provided and students get samples of what we make in class

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Other Workshops

Supporting Children’s Health with Herbal Medicine:

2 hr practical workshop for parents. Colleen will demonstrate her most commonly used remedies for children. Recipes provided.

7 day Spring and Autumn Cleanse:

Colleen runs a group each transition of the season. There are 2 information evenings book ending the 7 days. Herbs are available for sale on the introduction night, and email support provided over the week. Recipes and plan provided. 

Herb walks along the Great Western Greenway

(Summer dates)