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  • 7-Day Cleanse

    This has been designed to help the body’s channels of elimination, while giving the digestive system a retreat from the usual daily toxins from food metabolism.

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  • Herbal Remedies for Children

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Gluten, Dairy and Egg-Free Carrot Cake

Delicious yet free from gluten, dairy and eggs! The ultimate healthy treat for allergy free diets...

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Savvy Slaw

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Q & A with Colleen

Q. I heard someone talk about bitters online and that they are good for you, can you explain?

A. Bitters are a flavour and phytochemical component in foods and herbs that exert a very specific action on the digestive system. It is a taste that is very... Read More >

Q. I suffer with hay-fever and rhinitis. What natural approaches can I use for helping seasonal allergies?

A. Ideally you begin to start using natural approaches 2 months before the season begins, at least one month would be good. The good news is that there are lots... Read More >

Meet Colleen Kennedy

Colleen grew up in Westport, Co. Mayo, where her love of nature was nurtured by beautiful beaches and a wonderful landscape.

She travelled to many countries to gain experience in different healing modalities. It was in India and Nepal where she felt a great calling to work with people on a deeper level, and trained with several teachers in massage therapy.
When she returned to Ireland, she studied Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy with College of Naturopathic Medicine for 5 years.

Colleen now runs her practice from the Body and Mind Health Centre, Westport. She holds short courses in Herbal medicine and Naturopathic Health, and lectures part time with CNM in Galway.


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  • Mar 12, 2020

    Clinic Update: Covid 19 restrictions in Ireland, 12/03/20

    With the new restrictions in place as of today, I want to reassure my clients, both existing and new that I will remain in my clinical practice...

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  • Respect Your Elders

    Nov 18, 2016

    Respect Your Elders

    What a gift from mother nature! Our beloved Elder tree, Sambucus nigra. The creamy umbells of flowers are brightening up many a hedgerow all over Ireland this...

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  • What to do with this FLU?!

    Jan 11, 2018

    What to do with this FLU?!

    If you are already infected with the virus, you will have to listen to your body and rest, hydrate and sleep. Be conscious of hygiene.  There...

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  • My Top Skin Herbs

    Nov 16, 2016

    My Top Skin Herbs

    The skin is our largest organ of absorption, and plays an important role in immunity, temperature regulation and excretion. Being a player in the orchestra of elimination...

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