Why Visit?

Why Visit?

Why Visit?

The Consultation –

What To Expect

I will spend from 1.5 to 2 hours with you on your first visit. This is the time where you get to share your story, explore what you feel you need help with.

There is a detailed medical history taken, and a thorough body system analysis will be discussed.

All medication and supplements that are being taken will be noted, and checked for any possible interactions with any herbs that are being considered for your prescription.

Nutrition and lifestyle advice will be given, and supplements and recipe ideas will also be recommended if necessary. Each individual is treated accordingly to suit their particular constitution and how their unique biochemistry is out of balance. The aim is always to encourage the body’s innate intelligence to restore health and wellbeing to the person.

I will undertake a tongue and pulse analysis, give a constitutional iridology analysis and take blood pressure exam. These tools assist in building a true picture of what’s out of balance and provide a clear picture of which herbs would suit this person best. If required, I facilitate a finger-prick blood sample food intolerance test. Other diagnostic tests can be arranged.

A herbal formula will be designed to suit the individual. The amount of herbs may vary, and I tend to use a combination of herbal tincture, and dried herbs to be made up as a tea.

It is good to return for a follow up in 3 weeks, and the Support Plan can be discussed – altered if necessary – and an ongoing plan laid out for the individual.

I hope that my patients leave with a deeper sense of how their unique system works, and are aware of their constitution – the strengths and the weaknesses. This time spent gives a sense of empowerment to take responsibility for the person’s own healing, using plant medicine as allies, and enjoying a healthy relationship with food.

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