Q. I have some rosemary growing in my garden, but besides using it in roasts, what is it good for?

A. Rosemary is one of my favourite herbs to use both culinary and medicinally.  It grows so well in my garden and is one of my pride and... Read More >

Q. I heard someone talk about bitters online and that they are good for you, can you explain?

A. Bitters are a flavour and phytochemical component in foods and herbs that exert a very specific action on the digestive system. It is a taste that is very... Read More >

Q. I am a woman in my early 40’s and I’m beginning to notice some changes in my menstrual cycle. It can be late, miss a month and I notice some changes to my mood. Could I be menopausal? I seem quite young for this surely?!

A. Yes indeed, you are noticing the beginning of the change, but this is a good time to get on with supporting your body so it can sail through... Read More >

Q. There is so much conflicting information about fats in the diet these days, I’m confused at which is the best to cook with and how much omega oil should I have?

A. We need to consume good quality fats in our diet to provide the body with the building blocks for hormone production, bile production, cell membrane structure and gene... Read More >

Q. I suffer with hay-fever and rhinitis. What natural approaches can I use for helping seasonal allergies?

A. Ideally you begin to start using natural approaches 2 months before the season begins, at least one month would be good. The good news is that there are lots... Read More >